Facts to Know About OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly referred by the acronym OSHA, is a governmental agency that is charged with the responsibility of improving and maintaining safety standards in workplaces. Many interesting facts about OSHA may not be evident to many people. Some of the points are highlighted below.

You Can Opt Not to Allow OSHA Inspectors to Enter Your Workplace

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It is possible to prevent an OSHA inspector from entering your work premises. However, this is usually not a very good idea as it will lead to the inspector getting a warrant. With a permit, the inspector will have all the rights to inspect your property. The inspections are usually scheduled based on industry statistics. Other instances that may warrant an examination includes whistle-blower allegations, employee complaints, tips from other agencies, or a news story. The inspector can always get a warrant if he can show good reason for inspecting a particular workplace.

OSHA Can Cite Employers for General Violations

When there is no specific violation that can be cited by OSHA, the General Duty Clause can be used. The clause allows OSHA to cite the employer for the violations, given that the employer has to ensure there are no recognizable hazards in the workplace. For the clause to be used, however, the violations have to be very serious such that they can potentially result in injury or death.

Citations Can Be Contested Within 15 Days

In case you wish to dispute the findings of OSHA, you can do so by submitting your grounds for the dispute in a written format. The dispute has to be presented within 15 days after you receive the notice from OSHA. Trying to submit a dispute after the 15 days have elapsed will not bear any fruits.man working

Disputes Cannot Be Based on Employees Not Following Safety Rules

The employees should follow the set safety rules. If an employer is cited, he cannot contest the citation on the basis that some employees did not do what they were supposed to do. This means that employers are responsible for enrolling employees for training and ensuring that they follow all the safety rules. It is also essential that you keep records of all the training that you take your employees through as well as their discipline with regards to following safety rules. Such records can help during a dispute.…

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Why You Need Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is the most powerful spreadsheet application in the world. It is applied in various academic and professional areas such as data organization, accounting and finance, graphing and programming, among other areas. Most Excel users are awed by its powerful and convenient mathematical formula such as SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, and AVERAGEIF, among many others. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is becoming an important requirement in all workplaces in the world. That is why you need to enrol in excel training if you haven’t done so yet. Here are a few reasons why excel training is important to you.


You Need Excel Wherever You Go

Microsoft Excel to the working population is like mathematics to students – you can’t run away from it. Indeed, whether you are a groundsman, a programmer, an accountant or a CEO, you will need to analyze data at some point in your working life. You will need to create tables and pivot tables to summarize your data. You will then need graphing tools to present your data professionally. Microsoft Excel provides all these features. These features make the difference between a good employee and an amazing one.


Excel Gets Better with Time

Microsoft Excel is not static. Just like other software and programs, it is upgraded now and then. With every new upgrade, new, more user-friendly features are added. Therefore, your excel knowledge from school may have been overtaken by events by now. You must make sure that you keep abreast of the software developments to remain current as far as excel usage at the workplace is concerned.


You Will Never Know Everything

Training is important, but learning Microsoft Excel is not a once-and-done activity. However, much you think you know about Microsoft Excel, there is always something new to learn. Knowledge areas in excel, just like all other computer applications, are never exhaustible. And with the changing demands of the modern workplace, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you should not stop learning excel. Enrol in one training after the other.


applicationYou Learn Excel at Your Own Pace

Nothing beats learning at your own pace. When you enrol in an online excel training, your level of knowledge is determined at the outset. Then a customized learning curve is created just for you. If you are a beginner, you are taught the basics of this spreadsheet program, including how to seamlessly summarize data using pivot tables and how to draw graphs. At the intermediate and professional levels, you are taught how to automate working processes using VBA, how to create dashboards and professional reports and how to master Power Pivot and Power Query, among other specialized Microsoft excel functions.

In summary, you can advance your career by enrolling for free or premium excel training. This training helps you to hone your data analysis and presentation skills. Most employers out there are looking for employees who have adept data analysis and reporting tools. Microsoft Excel training equips you with these skills and makes you more useful at work.…

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Benefits From a Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course is the main talk in the driving industry right now. Most people are vegetating towards this plan because of its immense benefits. It is designed to aid in facilitating upcoming and pro drivers with the necessary skills to avoid accidents whenever they are in situations where they may occur. Experts at argue that defensive driving courses offer advanced skills and awareness that was probably skipped during the initial driving sessions to new drivers. The primary aim of this course is to equip individuals with the right skills to become a proactive driver who can avoid dangerous road situations and poor codes of conducts as displayed by other drivers who missed the same. Keep reading to know the benefits from a defensive driving course.

Enhances Driving Skills

One of the main reasons why you should enroll for a defensive course on the platform today is because it enhances driving skills that will help you become a proactive driver. The skills from the class will help you to become a better driver. Most of us are experienced drivers, yet we haven’t seen the all the safety rules. Whether you take your defensive driving courses in person or from an online platform, you will see a change in your driving.

Offers Flexibility

defensive drivingWhile a typical driving course requires you to attend a classroom; a defensive driving course on video can be taken entirely at home or office. This makes your learning very flexible and reachable. All you need is a television, a DVD player, and a computer with internet access to take the accompanying tests. You can watch from your living room, or anywhere you feel most comfortable and get all of the same positive benefits as any other traffic school course you can take. You don’t even have to take the entire course in a single sitting if you don’t want to. You can make it over the course of a couple of days if that better fits your schedule. This is a convenience that a classroom course isn’t able to offer you.

Similar to Other Formal Courses

If your state approves of video driving courses, then they carry all the same benefits as any other defensive driving course. That means that you can prevent a traffic citation from going on your driver’s record or reduce points on your license. This can lead to preventing your insurance rates from rising and can even help your employment prospect if a potential employer ever wants to check your driver record.

Easily to Understand

Some concepts are just easier to understand in video format, rather than as a lecture. An excellent DVD course teaches and illustrates all of the critical defensive driving techniques and state laws in an engaging way, which makes understanding the information a whole lot easier. And when you can understand and remember the information, it makes passing the included tests a snap. All you have to do is watch the videos, pass the required test on a computer, and you can get your certificate of completion mailed to you.…

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