Picking the Perfect College Backpack

Being a college student means that you have gained some independence from your parents, and that includes choosing and buying the things you need in school on your own. When you were in grade school, your parents would buy everything for you from bags, notebooks, pens to your uniforms and shoes. Sometimes, they would not even bring you when they go shopping for your school needs. Now that you are in college, you can now shop for your school needs according to your wants and preferences, and that includes a nice-looking and trendy backpack.

There are many brands of backpacks suitable for students that you can choose from. You are now a young adult, so you should know how to pick the best one for you. To guide you to select the perfect backpack, here are some tips that you should observe.

coedTest the Capacity

A backpack for college students should have a decent capacity. From books, notebooks, and writing items to calculators and other school items, an ideal backpack for a college student should be big enough to accommodate all your things while going to school. It should also have some room for your personal stuff like your mobile, purse, umbrella, or makeup kit.

Count the Compartments

Because you will be putting many items on your bag, a backpack with many compartments is perfect for students. This will allow you to organize your things, making it easier to find them. The compartments can come in different sizes so you can put small items in the smaller compartments. It is also essential that a backpack has outer compartments or pockets so you can place the things that you use often.

Check on the Durability

Your backpack should be long-lasting; otherwise, buying a new one will mean a hefty reduction of your allowance for other things. You have to sacrifice other expenses if your backpack gets damage before the semestral break. So check on the materials used and be wary of sewing defects.

college studentDesign and Style

With the many brands of backpacks out there, you may be able to choose which style and design that you like best. This may also include the color. Remember that the visual effects of your backpack depend on its design, style, and color. Indeed, you can stand out from other students with a trendy backpack hanging on your back.


Being a college student, you may not want to spend much of your money to buy a beautiful backpack, or else you may be left behind while your friends are going to the canteen. While online shopping is the more popular means of buying school items among college students, you should visit more online stores to have the best buys.…

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Preparing for Your First TOEFL Test

Preparing for the TOEFL test has always been a stressful experience, especially for first-time test takers. Those who have taken the test report that they need to complete at least a six-month intensive program to learn all the materials, including grammar, listening, and reading. However, it does not always turn out to be a success as many of them need to retake the test several times.

The above paragraph gives a hint about the challenges that test takers often deal with, meaning that they need to prepare for the test well. At this point, people will generally ask how they can do that. If you have taken the test several times but still fail to get the desired score, you will be able to feel the depression that often haunts these test takers. Either academically or professionally, one thing that these people need to do is to practice a lot. However, there are also easy tips to follow if you aim to get a high TOEFL score.

Taking Notes

two pencils and a note bookThe first rule that you need to acknowledge is never to underestimate the power of note-taking. At least, it can save you from troubles when you need to understand something but forget where you read the materials. Of course, it also applies to other subjects, but you can specifically use this method to understand more about TOEFL materials. The truth is that most materials and lessons require you to take notes, even when you have reached the reading sections. Apart from the twelve tenses to memorize, you also need to remember tips and tricks to finish the questions, and taking notes is indeed the best way.

Test Simulation

If you want to know how far you have progressed, taking test simulation is what you can do. There two options that you can pick, and they include asking for the test simulation from the course you are joining or finding the materials online. Remember that a lot of practices are the key to a successful test, and it is the least that you can do to know how the institutions will present the questions in each section.

More Listening Sections

Do you know that you can also practice your English proficiency from pretty much all everyday things? It can include listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, or television shows. This way, you can train your ears to listen to English words in a fun way.

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